Standard Issue.

Installation at the Governor’s Island Art Fair, Governor’s Island, New York City. Found objects with hand-sewn and embroidered tent, handmade first aid kits, paper, fabric, other, dimensions variable. September 2018.

The installation was anchored by two elements: one, a bunker-tent filled with first aid kit “supplies”, and two, a “grave” with the same footprint as the tent, filled with an effigy and “grave goods.”

The effigy was made with a pair of antique military pajamas, embroidered with various phrases in a similar fashion to the tent.

In addition to the first aid kits first seen in the installation “Last Ditch Effort”, several more first aid kits were created for the use and edification of the em-bunkered:

“Janssen”, 11 x 13” vintage fabric roll with found objects, handmade pills, personal construction notion, and nosebleed.

“Marshall”, antique metal box with medical notions, multi-tools, clean nails, and tubing.

“Moses”, vintage paper box with handmade pills, test, medical considerations, and old sight.

“Nichols”, vintage paper and velvet folder with found objects, medical test, and insignia.

“NoDoz”, vintage box with found objects, bedding, pussies, and recent sight.

Eight hand-made cyanotypes on cotton lined the walls; each was an archive of sorts of the objects within one of the first aid kits. The medicine cabinet “WD”, for instance, rendered this cyanotype:

WD in situ during “Standard Issue”. (More views can be seen here— scroll to bottom of post.)

Local oyster shells feature throughout the room, echoing both personal and the island’s history.  Here, they stack up with nuggets of salt dough in The Midden, the “trash” heap behind the bunker-tent.

“+”, 10 x 10” hand-stitched art book with graphite, gouache, gesso, mixed media, collage, and embroidery, in situ

A continuous slideshow of both home-made and found (declassified NASA and Air Force instructional slides) projected on a screen of scraps and clothing.


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